Auditorium Architecture

Architecture layout of an auditorium is not just shaping or designing a building. It is about assembling the various components scientifically so that desired result me be achieved, keeping in consideration the safety, security, feasibility and quality assurance. It requires specialization, hence we deploy core experts even for the smallest of task.

Auditorium Stage Lighting

Understanding the substance of scientific lighting, Auditorium Consultants believes in specialization. Getting a perfect lighting ambience is all about creativity as well as scientific site analysis and implementation. Hence, we have a team of technical lighting experts equipped with most advanced equipment's. We recommend the lighting solutions, based & backed by methodical site analysis report of subject experts.

Sound Engineering

The soul of an auditorium is its sound system, hence it is must to understand the aspect of sound engineering. It is an expertís task, so let the experts deal with it.Our panel of sound engineering experts has ample experience, equipped with latest techniques and equipments, ensuring that you may get the desired result. Auditorium Consultancy assures to deliver surfeit your expectations, irrespective of any scale and within projected budget.

Curtains and Screens

Placing curtains and screen in an auditorium is vital important, and requires specialization and expertise to achieve optimum outcome. Auditorium Consultants is a perfect guide for prodigious video projection solutions for every client segment including Auditoriums, Cinemas, Theaters, Multiplex and Corporate. We have a dedicated expert wing for projection solution, technically equipped and well updated with latest cinema & visual techniques.


Undesirable sound is the last thing one needs in an auditorium. It may vanish all the pleasure and excellence of an auditorium, hence has to be taken care scientifically. Our acoustical solutions guarantee the spread of desirable sound as well as omitting undesirable sound. Our team of acoustic experts is available in your service, and ensures you may get the desirable result, within budgeted resources.

Chairs and Flooring

Seating and flooring fixture is one of the fundamental aspects of an auditorium. Auditorium Consultancy provides solutions for customize seating and flooring arrangements in accordance to clients stipulation and auditorium outlay. We understand the relevance of seating in an auditorium, hence we do it scientifically, based on detailed site analysis, by deploying specialist on the task.