CCTV Camera

Auditorium Consultancy is one stop supplier of splendid survillience cameras and security systems for colossal business premises, auditoriums, schools, colleges, health centres and others. We bring to you absolutely simple handle CCTV equipment for the workplace of end customer in businesses, homes, auditoriums and government work environments. They are the latest models in light of pattern, setting and development. We have an army of expert in CCTV and surveillance applications among which security structures stay as the most vital ones. The progress in CCTVs has maintained the quality and checking to a gigantic degree. Our extent of development is reliably in perspective of a broad assortment of cameras with restricted size and splendid execution. From the old style rotatory cams to night vision cams, the products are in the most varied range. We invest critical energy in security cameras that viably meet with the environment and merge in the surroundings. They are handy in size, significantly light and adequately strong to hold up under physical impacts. The differing features used in cameras are HD simple, HD quality, wide unique range, Power over ethernet, camera iris, PTZ innovation, edge recording, tamper recognition, remote focus, picture and movement sensors, video compression and vertical and horizontal setups. You can pick the right sort of camera in perspective of the mix of these features.