Projection System for Multiple applications

Auditorium Consultancy gives an extensive variety of projection structures and screens. Our administrations incorporate projection frameworks for cinema houses and theaters, presentation rooms, arrangements with mobile stage/podium, intelligent whiteboards, top mounted screens, pendant speakers, raised projection structures, curved/straight screens, supplementary screens, and distance learning screens. We give complete projection and surround sound for halls and meeting rooms. There are particular screens for addresses, speeches, presentations, distance learning, stages with mixing consoles, 3D and 360 degree screens totally equipped with the latest measures and applications. We give the best quality cyclorama screens presenting precision of resolution. Long throw and short throw, any sort of shape or size, we have items for an extensive variety of auditorium and theater requirements.

We have screens for both diffusely reflecting or transmitting the image on the screen, switchable screens, wall mounted, top mounted, and furthermore their specific projectors. The applications that arrange with these projections are generally modern. The entire lighting can be regulated in synchronization with the surround sound from a single support point. The surface and distinctive materials used are of an unrivaled quality and reliance. Interchange frameworks available with us are of dominating quality, exceedingly adaptable in use and up to the date.