Section Drawings

The experts at Auditorium Consultancy can give you the best cut model of an in house plan of auditorium on paper. The section drawings are useful to foresee each part of the room autonomously. Section is the slicing of the elevation plan to look into the smaller segments. It, in like manner, empowers you to picture how the minor spaces and sides would look. They are available in vertical cuts.
Section drawings detail out the pockets that would otherwise remain hidden in other illustrations. The elevations describe about the dimensions of these components placed between two visible objects. This technical pictography covers every aspect and every areas of the structure in which your auditorium is being constructed. This is further perfected by the designated teams so that no fault lines appear at the time of the execution of the project. The digital imprint also diminishes the errors to a micro scale. These slices are viewed each in a different plane and thus reduce the chances of any mirroring. From gap between the individual seats to the thinnest layer of acoustic padding on the walls, everything is covered in this aspect. Thus, it forms a group of illustrations which would eventually combine to a single elevation. Our drawings are created and managed on latest technology and highly sensitive scale. We leave no room for error.