3D View & 360 View

Our modern framework and advanced media allow us to provide a virtual tour of the proposed project. This virtual tour comprises of a 3D and a 360-degree view of the finished drawings. The projections are made digitally so that the clients can see how their auditorium would look like after completion. Our advanced mapping techniques bring out the minutest details and amazing animated effects.
The common drawings on a single plane are incapable of collectively presenting the structure as a whole. This is overcome by our 3D digital model that will take you to a virtual tour of the auditorium and allow you to view every aspect in its expected form. This view is available in 360 degrees, meaning as if you were actually standing within the hall and viewing around. This will help you visualise the stage, the seats, the sides, exits and other areas. The client can also suggest any changes in colour tones, brightness etc. We ensure that our clients are fully satisfied.